Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions about Wealthy Affiliate

Undoubtably the most frequently asked question about Wealthy Affiliate is...........
Is Wealthy Affiliate University just another scam on the internet?
The answer to this would have to be a big fat NO! Let’s look at the difference between Wealthy affiliate and the other so-called “money making” products offered on-line today. First and foremost Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It does not come at you with promises of overnight success or that you will be rolling in dough in a few weeks. What Wealthy Affiliates does offer is a comprehensive program the gives you all the tools you need to become a success. 
The next question that gets a lot of ear play is
Should you invest in time and money into Wealthy Affiliate?
Well if you want to hedge your bets and learn from a proven success team then that answer would have to be a yes. So what if you are a newbie, that only means that you will ahead of the game that much sooner. Getting step by step instructions on how to start and develop your business from scratch will prevent you from false starts and pitfalls.
This next question is a big one because all of us want to know the bottom line but it is really rooted in unrealistic expectations
How wealthy can I get and how soon?
Wealthy is in the name not something that is promised what is offered is a set of tools that have been crafted to give you a competitive edge. Wealth does not come from any magic formula. It is a matte ro f learning the tools and making them work for you. The operative word here is work. We show you how to set goals and achieve them this commitment to meeting and setting goals could eventually lead to the financial freedom you seek.
Wealthy affiliate university is not for everyone but everyone could benefit from the tools and strategies that we teach.

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