Sunday, November 7, 2010


Getting a great amount of website traffic is difficult and even if you have the most brilliantly designed sight you will sit idle without the proper marketing strategy. Services like Seo content writing and pay per click advertising will provide you with some traffic but still it will not be enough. These avenues require time to build up the traffic necessary for site survival. There are sites that offer guaranteed traffic yet some of them are disreputable and you end up loosing your money and wasting valuable time.

There is way s to seek out reputable web site traffic sales. One is by reviewing different business forums to see who others are talking about and what they are saying about them. a lot of sites offer traffic garnered through the use of “Black Hat” Seo practices these are the ones you should steer clear of. The major search engines all have a type of pay per click marketing strategy available you should definitely add them to your arsenal.  You can also hire content writers to write and submit articles with links to your site this will generate a fair amount of web traffic providing the content is quality and the key word density is in the appropriate numbers for search engine recognition.

There is also the option of “Media Buys” this is where you purchase banner space on someone else’s site to promote your product. This works best when done on a traffic share basis. You find people with products that tie in with yours, if you sell women’s stockings you would want a banner on a site that sells women’s shoes just to give you an idea of what we mean. Instead of paying the other person a fee you each host one another’s banners. Win-Win

Or you can buy web traffic in bundles from sites like Compare the different sites to see who offers the most traffic at the best rates. You get a better ROI on this type of traffic because you know up front what you will be investing each time. Most of these types of sites offer a introductory package at a low rate so you can try out the service before committing a large sum to it.

Online marketing strategies encompass a wide variety of ideas and you would do well to use more than one. With the advent of mobile Internet availability there is a whole new avenue to explore for your web trafficking needs. Diversity is the key to a successful launch of a new website.  There are literally hundreds of ways to get your link in front of the eyes of potential customers. Here are a few you can start with right away.

 Use high quality and unique content
 Update the content periodically
 Make sure your Domain name is search engine friendly
 Use Alt tags in images
 Have an organized list of keywords
 Having meaningful titles for all the pages on your site will make it more appealing to search engines
 Proper utilization of SEO marketing practices
 Article submissions
 Be sure and put your link on all your profile pages wherever you can

Try out a few of these and see the increase in traffic to your site double in a short amount of time and remember for instant traffic you can always purchase the traffic packages offered by websites that sell targeted web traffic.

Benefits of corporate financing

Financing is such a crucial part of the running of a business that it requires special attention. It is so important that large corporations have whole departments dedicated to the task of analyzing the finical structure and keeping the CEO apprised of where the company stands. Not so for many small and midsize business so they are left to hire an outside corporate financing firm

A business that is considering restructuring, IPO filings, reverse mergers and even mergers and acquisitions can get the benefit of corporate financing strategies by hiring consultants. One of the benefits of corporate financing is avoiding the small financial mistakes that can cost millions. One of these is having too much accumulated debt. By sitting and designing and implementing and designing and implementing a budget the company reaps the benefit of getting out of debt sooner.

Achieving greater financial success is another benefit of corporate financing. Once a corporation decides financing is necessary to find the funds needed to make the IPO. If it is doing a cash reverse merger it will need to find the cash that is what corporate finance consultants do for a company. The benefits of corporate financing are not always immediately visible but its lack is felt soon enough, in the form of greater debt and fiscal failure. Good corporate financing protects the financial infrastructure by providing a new source of cash flow to sustain a company during a stressed economy or while restructuring for any reason.

Another benefit of corporate financing is that the valuation of the company does not suffer from a drop in productivity nor does it struggling meeting its financial obligations.
Corporate financing can maximize a company’s value, by investing in projects that yield returns greater than the projected hurdle rate. Corporate financing takes into consideration the time allotted and makes decisions reflecting all side costs and potential benefits of these investments. In line with this an added benefit of corporate financing is that it allows you to choose a financing mix for the project that maximizes its value that matches the potential assets you will be financing.
Finally proper corporate financing allows you to get an accurate enough forecast of what the investments potential earnings might be and if they are not at the preconceived hurdle or sufficiently past it whether or not dividends are to be paid to the share holder.

Hiring a professional corporate financing firm can be the difference in the success of the proposed restructuring of a company. Without knowing where the company stands and what it needs financially to attempt the move in any direction can spell disaster. There are many firms that offer this service but you will want to find a firm that has years of experience and can read the ebb and flow of the constantly changing financial seas. Take the time to interview our firm and let us show you how we can help you experience greater financial freedom.

Young mother kills baby farmville blamed

A young Mother is so into Farmville that she shakes her baby to death. I play Farmville and though the game is intense I cannot see that ever happening to me. I see people all the time discussing their farms, you would think that they were real. I mean, now that she has admitted to killing the baby, for interrupting her farming duties, the game will probably be the next thing that gets banned. Hey, don’t laugh they banned the HAPPY MEAL for goodness sakes. It is a shame that this young mother was not more careful with her child and yes I think there is a lot more to it than that. All jokes aside there is such a thing as post partum depression and for a young mother it is all the more frightening because most often they are clueless as to what is actually happening with their bodies.

Post partum takes on many forms and it can be devastating for a single parent as young as this one. The hormonal changes and the constant crying added to the depression of a life altered forever, and yes you will feel anger. The problem as I see it, is who do you tell that you are angry about these things to. Most people see childbirth as the most glorious event in life. It probably is if you are not poor, uneducated and too young to be anybody’s mother. I remember that I was eighteen a husband of fin the military still living like he was single and there were times that I sat there rocking my kid in my arms with tears streaming down my face so damned mad that I was afraid to let go of him. I held him a feed him to keep him quiet until the moments passed.  I f I had not worked for United Way in their Teen Pregnancy Service and been privy to information about the changes in emotions and hormones I would have thought I was going mad.

I went through the days where it was all I could do to get out of bed and see to my child alone with no one to talk to. I breast fed and those were the best moments of my day. There were days that I walked through that tiny apartment and ranted to myself about all of the things I could no longer do. After the baby came my friends who had no children stopped calling. They never had time for me anymore and my family treated me like I did not exist. Life is hard when you are young a being a parent only makes it that much harder.

When I set out to write this article I was hell bent on writing from a point of view of social outrage. As you can see it has become a share fest. Look yes, she went overboard but all I am saying is that if you are in the situation without a proper support system it is likely to happen just the way this did. I am now a 48-year-old grandmother with tears in my eyes for the girl I was then. My own daughter has called me on days when the two she has gotten on her last nerve and she is about to pop. I am more than happy to stop what ever it is I am doing and let her scream and yell until she can once more face her children with the light of love in her eyes.

Farmville did not make this young lady kill her child it was frustration borne of a feeling of entrapment. The media has no way of showing what it is really like to be alone, and even if you have the father in the picture you are mostly alone in some ways. We can condemn the girl or we can take a lesson in humanity and see that these young mothers need help. As a n older female I have several neighbors that are just out of high school mothers I think I will offer to watch their children once in awhile to just give them a break. They have such beautiful babies.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Online business

There are a lot of moneymaking schemes on the World Wide Web. If you are anything like me your inbox and Spam folder already hold hundreds of these offers. Most sound too good to be true. This is where the adage “if it sounds to good to be true it usually is” has been proven time and again. You can find numerous blogs and tweets from people just like you and me who’ve been suckered in by these crafty scam artists. Though there are no 100% fool proof ways to tell which are scams and which are the real deal there are things you can look for that will save you time and ultimately money. Here are ten things that I have found to be true of most sites that are not quite what they seem.

1. If it sounds like an ad by a snake oil salesman or “used car dealer” then it is best to just not bother with it. A lot of the make money at home emails sound like a sales pitch or infomercial. While not all are scams the majority are. These ads will have a lot of bold print, capitalization and exclamation points. The best ones have videos with pitchmen that sound like the guy that used to sell oxyclean.

2. Offering to teach a lot for very little. This is a free market system and while I would love to be able to start a successful business for a onetime investment of 19.95 the chances are slim that it can actually happen. In the Internet marketing game knowledge is power and who actually parts with power for a small price. No one. This is generally a pyramid or multi level marketing scheme taken straight from the conference rooms and church basements across America and brought on line.

3. Be leery of opportunities that ask you to pay them to work for them. I mean really isn’t the sole purpose is for you to make money not spend it. Most of these are not jobs but an offer for you to be an independent contractor.

4. “ I will send you the blah, blah, blah start up kit for the amazingly low price of 9.99” Start up kits are a gimmick and the information is usually old and useless with out of date contacts. Some are even for contacts to closed business or web sites that no longer exist.

5. Guarantees that you will make thousand with little or no effort. I can only imagine the level of laziness needed to respond to an ad like this. We all know deep down that in order get you have to put in. And it should ring a bell that you are actually considering paying money to someone to teach you how to do nothing.
6. Be on the look out for ads that seem to be hiding exactly what the good or service is any reputable company or person for that matter will want you to know who they are and what they are selling. I cannot believe I received 20 of this type of email in one hour. Good rule of thumb if they want you to pay to find out what you will be selling  “PASS”.

7. Phony testimonials are used to hook some of the unsuspecting. They come at you with a niche angle like “stay at home mom makes millions in just weeks”. There is this photo a lady with a kid and a missive about how she was fired or downsized. It generally goes from “sob story” to  “now I am a winner” and “let me show you how” in a short amount of time. The clincher “Act now before this opportunity is gone forever” or something along those lines.

8. NO EXOERIENCE REQUIRED - This is just a way to weed out the experienced people so they can take advantage of the inexperienced. Most of these have you paying to train or take classes with them. You sign up at one price and end up spending hundreds on modules and software. The only one who makes money here is the scammer.

9. Cash a check and keep a share. This is one of the most dangerous scams around as it can get you jail time. If you are asked to share your bank account information run. They send an email saying they are from another country and need an American bank account to handle the high volume of checks received what they really do is rip you off. Another on say they need someone to forward checks from shoppers in the states, yet another out of country scam, you cash the checks on your account but the checks turn out to be phony. Lastly you process ebay orders accept the payments from unsuspecting buyers for non-existent wares. Any of these could potentially get you a share of jail time.

10. Post an ad and make hundreds – Not so much the whole title is a red flag. These scammers generally, do not tell you where to post the ads.  There is a lot of work with little pay off. I mean most forums and Web sites do not allow you to post outside advertisements and if you do manage to get it posted it usually is deleted with prejudice. Then there is this little catch most of the employers disappear before you get paid.
The conclusion is that you have to be careful and do a lot of research to find the right fit. There are forums and blogs that can steer you in the right direction. Check the Better Business Bureau and Rip-off Report. The Rip Off Report actually gives you both sides the story. Do not let what you have read discourage you just use this information as another tool to help you get the right business on line.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wealthy Affiliate

Undoubtably the most frequently asked question about Wealthy Affiliate is...........
Is Wealthy Affiliate University just another scam on the internet?
The answer to this would have to be a big fat NO! Let’s look at the difference between Wealthy affiliate and the other so-called “money making” products offered on-line today. First and foremost Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It does not come at you with promises of overnight success or that you will be rolling in dough in a few weeks. What Wealthy Affiliates does offer is a comprehensive program the gives you all the tools you need to become a success. 
The next question that gets a lot of ear play is
Should you invest in time and money into Wealthy Affiliate?
Well if you want to hedge your bets and learn from a proven success team then that answer would have to be a yes. So what if you are a newbie, that only means that you will ahead of the game that much sooner. Getting step by step instructions on how to start and develop your business from scratch will prevent you from false starts and pitfalls.
This next question is a big one because all of us want to know the bottom line but it is really rooted in unrealistic expectations
How wealthy can I get and how soon?
Wealthy is in the name not something that is promised what is offered is a set of tools that have been crafted to give you a competitive edge. Wealth does not come from any magic formula. It is a matte ro f learning the tools and making them work for you. The operative word here is work. We show you how to set goals and achieve them this commitment to meeting and setting goals could eventually lead to the financial freedom you seek.
Wealthy affiliate university is not for everyone but everyone could benefit from the tools and strategies that we teach.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


There are a lot of moneymaking schemes on the World Wide Web. If you are anything like me your inbox and Spam folder already hold hundreds of these offers. Most sound too good to be true. This is where the adage “if it sounds to good to be true it usually is” has been proven time and again. You can find numerous blogs and tweets from people just like you and me who’ve been suckered in by these crafty scam artists. Though there are no 100% fool proof ways to tell which are scams and which are the real deal  but there has to be a way and things you can look for that will save you time and ultimately money. I am no expert as a matter of fact I am just starting out and like so many of you I am hitting and missing. I would welcome feedback of any kind.

Monday, August 16, 2010

How do You Know

There are a lot of moneymaking schemes on the World Wide Web. If you are anything like me your inbox and Spam folder already hold hundreds of these offers. Most sound too good to be true. This is where the adage “if it sounds to good to be true it usually is” has been proven time and again. You can find numerous blogs and tweets from people just like you and me who’ve been suckered in by these crafty scam artists. Though there are no 100% fool proof ways to tell which are scams and which are the real deal there are things you can look for that will save you time and ultimately money.

Friday, August 6, 2010


the day the earth stood still is one of my all time favorite old movies. So when I heard of the remake I was miffed. I mean it is well documented that most remakes fall way short of the original. It was with great surprise that I found the Keanue reeves version not at all like watching a beloved friend getting butchered ratrher The vision was totally different. The portrayal of our species as a shot first ask questions later bunch of paranoids was spot on. Honestly I doubt we would ever be in line for a first contact from a civilized world.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Star trek andromeda where have all the good science fiction gone

Syfy today is getting a little stale. Some of what passes for syfy is really just suspense drama. I miss the old days of aliens and space exploration. I like to think that the new movie Princess of Mars will live up to the hype. Edgar Rice Burroughs has done a lot for the genre and this is one of his finest pieces of work. I let you know after I have had  a chance to see it. In the mean time what did you guys think of Splice?