Sunday, May 13, 2012

Made some cash

I received unexpected payments from an AdSense alternatives called Bidvertiser. In my previous blog post about addiction where I write about PPC advertising, I mentioned Bidvertiser. It is another site that is offering PPC advertising for webmasters as well as bloggers. I am being paid several times by Bidvertiser but I have not published all my payment proof yet.

Today, in this simple post, I am going to share with you my latest unexpected payment from Bidvertiser. The total amount is USD$50.00. Not bad for unexpected payments.

The total amount is USD$50.00. I suspect the earnings is from some of my advertisers referrals who are still actively using Bidvertiser to advertise their site. This is the good things of referrals, the income is unlimited and unexpected. I will be releasing a new e-book to tell you how to get a lot of referrals for the program you join and make a lot money without doing much thing.

How to acquire Seo Services

Trying to ascertain what sets one SEO SERVICES company apart from the others is tricky at best. The best way would be to research each company you are considering and weigh the differences. When searching for an SEO SERVICES provider,  you will want to look for one that is unique.

I know that you are thinking that this will require quite a bit of work on your part well, yeah! It will pay off in the long run if you put in the time in the beginning instead of rushing blindly into a contract that costly and unproductive. The truth is not all SEO SERVICES are created equal. There are a lot of them that are just a step above of used car salesmen. They talk a goo game but have little to show you in the way of sites worked on and testimonials.

Here are a few things to look for when trying to find the right one for your needs.

< As with anything else you get what you pay for. The best SEO SERVICES know that they are in demand and charge for their services as the market will allow. If you pay bargain rates, you get basement service ids generally how it goes.
< If you are not looking to go global,  search in the mid-ranged providers or even look for someone local. A local will be more aware of the dynamics of your given area and can more readily design a strategy for the specific region.
< Beware of any SEO SERVICES that promise immediate results. Building internet traffic is like making wine, it takes a while but the ultimate results are beyond compare.
< See if they offer a comprehensive marketing approach with proven strategies and seeable results.
< Are they willing to let you see sites they have worked on and talk with actual clients?
< A truly unique SEO SERVICES provider will be willing to explain in detail and plain English his strategies and help you to understand how they work.
< Most important of all as optimization is a process that involves a lot of different aspects will there be reports for each segment and phase of the proposed  plan.
< Above all use common sense if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

In conclusion,  although from the outside it may look like gold,  dig a little deeper and find out what really makes them shine. Remember just because the SEO SERVICES are ranked high themselves does not mean that they can do the same for you and it is always best to investigate exactly how that ranking was achieved. In this as well as any other businesses there are means and the there are unscrupulous means. Would you really want someone who got their ranking in an unethical manner working for you? I think not.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I tell you one thing it is so not easy getting people to support your efforts. My Facebook store is limping along. I have over 2000 friends and cannot get 50 of them to like that page. I guess I will have to use pay-per-click if I want to succeed at all. I have the online marketing skill set needed to market the page and now it is time to start using them. I will be posting here daily from now on so that we can all see how well the things you read about really work when put into practice. Look for my sample marketing plan in the near future. a good online marketing plan is necessary if I am going to make a success of my business. Hey since you are here check it out at

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have started my own store on Facebook and am currently enjoying a bit of success with In between writing articles to drive traffic to my site I earn money writing for others. I have not hit the mother lode but it is a start. You can make money online but it takes time to get established. I have found that scheduling my work load as if I were actually going to the office helps to get it done. I work a regular 8 hour day with scheduled 15 minute breaks and a lunch. 

I just finished this job and got paid!

I just finished this job and got paid!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


How important is influence with online marketing? Most professionals would say influence is pretty important, especially when it comes to social media. The notion is that a few key people can spread an idea to their audiences and networks, causing a brand’s content to “go viral” or at least gain more substantial distribution than if the content were promoted to the every day social media Joe and Jane.
Pursuing the “big influencers” alone, is probably one of the biggest fallacies on the web.
instead of looking for influencers, stop for a minute to consider what “influencer” means. To me, it’s someone that has earned ongoing attention of an audience or community and this person has the ability to move others or sway them to a point of view.  Just because a person may appear to be influential sometimes that is all that it is, an appearance.
Influencers with mass appeal are easy to find and get found often. They get tons of requests by others to  share this, promote that. Some of them do so much of what is asked of them that they lose credibility by over-promoting. Their community may remain but they stop believing in them  and looking to them to know what is good or best.
instead of hunting the "big fish" go for the niche influence. go for the persons with  intimate connections and you will fare much better in any market.
Remember it is often better to have a lot of little quality endorsements than a huge fish that no one will believe ever heard of you. stop dreaming of getting that one famous person to mention you or your product and K.I.S.S

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well I have managed to get banned on ebay and Amazon in  less than three months. This is a cautionary tale. never post items for an unknown source. I agreed to act as middle man for a person I met online and because they did not have the same sense of urgency in business as I do my accounts are now suspended. The suspensions were because of lack of product which caused me to have to make over 20 refunds on Ebay and on Amazon it was because of sloe delivery times. As an online business person I AM DEFINITELY NOT SUCCEEDING!!!! I will keep you al posted as to how this all turns out. one last casualty in all of this may be my 30 year association with Navy Federal Credit Union. because of the refunds I have a massive overdraft that I must repay, I could if Amazon would release my funds but they are holding them for 90days. No BANK WILL WAIT THAT LONG!!!! UGGHHHHH  I really need someone to show me how to repair the damage