Sunday, November 7, 2010

Young mother kills baby farmville blamed

A young Mother is so into Farmville that she shakes her baby to death. I play Farmville and though the game is intense I cannot see that ever happening to me. I see people all the time discussing their farms, you would think that they were real. I mean, now that she has admitted to killing the baby, for interrupting her farming duties, the game will probably be the next thing that gets banned. Hey, don’t laugh they banned the HAPPY MEAL for goodness sakes. It is a shame that this young mother was not more careful with her child and yes I think there is a lot more to it than that. All jokes aside there is such a thing as post partum depression and for a young mother it is all the more frightening because most often they are clueless as to what is actually happening with their bodies.

Post partum takes on many forms and it can be devastating for a single parent as young as this one. The hormonal changes and the constant crying added to the depression of a life altered forever, and yes you will feel anger. The problem as I see it, is who do you tell that you are angry about these things to. Most people see childbirth as the most glorious event in life. It probably is if you are not poor, uneducated and too young to be anybody’s mother. I remember that I was eighteen a husband of fin the military still living like he was single and there were times that I sat there rocking my kid in my arms with tears streaming down my face so damned mad that I was afraid to let go of him. I held him a feed him to keep him quiet until the moments passed.  I f I had not worked for United Way in their Teen Pregnancy Service and been privy to information about the changes in emotions and hormones I would have thought I was going mad.

I went through the days where it was all I could do to get out of bed and see to my child alone with no one to talk to. I breast fed and those were the best moments of my day. There were days that I walked through that tiny apartment and ranted to myself about all of the things I could no longer do. After the baby came my friends who had no children stopped calling. They never had time for me anymore and my family treated me like I did not exist. Life is hard when you are young a being a parent only makes it that much harder.

When I set out to write this article I was hell bent on writing from a point of view of social outrage. As you can see it has become a share fest. Look yes, she went overboard but all I am saying is that if you are in the situation without a proper support system it is likely to happen just the way this did. I am now a 48-year-old grandmother with tears in my eyes for the girl I was then. My own daughter has called me on days when the two she has gotten on her last nerve and she is about to pop. I am more than happy to stop what ever it is I am doing and let her scream and yell until she can once more face her children with the light of love in her eyes.

Farmville did not make this young lady kill her child it was frustration borne of a feeling of entrapment. The media has no way of showing what it is really like to be alone, and even if you have the father in the picture you are mostly alone in some ways. We can condemn the girl or we can take a lesson in humanity and see that these young mothers need help. As a n older female I have several neighbors that are just out of high school mothers I think I will offer to watch their children once in awhile to just give them a break. They have such beautiful babies.

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