Sunday, November 7, 2010


Getting a great amount of website traffic is difficult and even if you have the most brilliantly designed sight you will sit idle without the proper marketing strategy. Services like Seo content writing and pay per click advertising will provide you with some traffic but still it will not be enough. These avenues require time to build up the traffic necessary for site survival. There are sites that offer guaranteed traffic yet some of them are disreputable and you end up loosing your money and wasting valuable time.

There is way s to seek out reputable web site traffic sales. One is by reviewing different business forums to see who others are talking about and what they are saying about them. a lot of sites offer traffic garnered through the use of “Black Hat” Seo practices these are the ones you should steer clear of. The major search engines all have a type of pay per click marketing strategy available you should definitely add them to your arsenal.  You can also hire content writers to write and submit articles with links to your site this will generate a fair amount of web traffic providing the content is quality and the key word density is in the appropriate numbers for search engine recognition.

There is also the option of “Media Buys” this is where you purchase banner space on someone else’s site to promote your product. This works best when done on a traffic share basis. You find people with products that tie in with yours, if you sell women’s stockings you would want a banner on a site that sells women’s shoes just to give you an idea of what we mean. Instead of paying the other person a fee you each host one another’s banners. Win-Win

Or you can buy web traffic in bundles from sites like Compare the different sites to see who offers the most traffic at the best rates. You get a better ROI on this type of traffic because you know up front what you will be investing each time. Most of these types of sites offer a introductory package at a low rate so you can try out the service before committing a large sum to it.

Online marketing strategies encompass a wide variety of ideas and you would do well to use more than one. With the advent of mobile Internet availability there is a whole new avenue to explore for your web trafficking needs. Diversity is the key to a successful launch of a new website.  There are literally hundreds of ways to get your link in front of the eyes of potential customers. Here are a few you can start with right away.

 Use high quality and unique content
 Update the content periodically
 Make sure your Domain name is search engine friendly
 Use Alt tags in images
 Have an organized list of keywords
 Having meaningful titles for all the pages on your site will make it more appealing to search engines
 Proper utilization of SEO marketing practices
 Article submissions
 Be sure and put your link on all your profile pages wherever you can

Try out a few of these and see the increase in traffic to your site double in a short amount of time and remember for instant traffic you can always purchase the traffic packages offered by websites that sell targeted web traffic.

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