Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well I have managed to get banned on ebay and Amazon in  less than three months. This is a cautionary tale. never post items for an unknown source. I agreed to act as middle man for a person I met online and because they did not have the same sense of urgency in business as I do my accounts are now suspended. The suspensions were because of lack of product which caused me to have to make over 20 refunds on Ebay and on Amazon it was because of sloe delivery times. As an online business person I AM DEFINITELY NOT SUCCEEDING!!!! I will keep you al posted as to how this all turns out. one last casualty in all of this may be my 30 year association with Navy Federal Credit Union. because of the refunds I have a massive overdraft that I must repay, I could if Amazon would release my funds but they are holding them for 90days. No BANK WILL WAIT THAT LONG!!!! UGGHHHHH  I really need someone to show me how to repair the damage 

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