Sunday, May 13, 2012

Made some cash

I received unexpected payments from an AdSense alternatives called Bidvertiser. In my previous blog post about addiction where I write about PPC advertising, I mentioned Bidvertiser. It is another site that is offering PPC advertising for webmasters as well as bloggers. I am being paid several times by Bidvertiser but I have not published all my payment proof yet.

Today, in this simple post, I am going to share with you my latest unexpected payment from Bidvertiser. The total amount is USD$50.00. Not bad for unexpected payments.

The total amount is USD$50.00. I suspect the earnings is from some of my advertisers referrals who are still actively using Bidvertiser to advertise their site. This is the good things of referrals, the income is unlimited and unexpected. I will be releasing a new e-book to tell you how to get a lot of referrals for the program you join and make a lot money without doing much thing.

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